This site provides the most comprehensive snapshot of the UK peer-to-peer lending (P2P) market released on 16/07/13. Using data from the three biggest P2P platforms in the UK (Zopa, RateSetter and Funding Circle) we highlight the regional geography of lending in the UK. You can download the report here.

lenders per 10.000
average lent
median lent
recipients per 10.000
average received
median received

Here’s how the visualisation works:

Click on the region on the map (right side) which interests you. The stacked graph on the left then allows you to drill down even further into the region. Move your mouse down the stacked graph to discover more granular detail such as the average and median amounts lent and received. Finally the bar graph at the top gives you a high level overview of loans funded and received by the postcode areas for all regions in the UK.

For example, click on the total amount for lending or receiving. The map, a cartogram, shows you how the loans are spread across the UK.

Go on and have a play. Show yourself the money!